Villa San Antonio Inscribed house in the Registry of Tourism of Andalusia Expedient Nº : VTAR/MA/00072
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The   house   is   located   in   a   beautiful   valley   near   the   source   of   the   river   Guadiaro   with   a   wonderful   view   of   the   Rock   of   Muret,   near   the Cueva   del   Gato   and   the   Cueva   de   la   Pileta   (Paleolithic).   Very   good   area   for   hiking   because   there   is   a   large   amount   of   existing   signed routes,   20   km   away   Grazalema   Natural   Park,   12   Kms.   away   the   Natural   Park   Sierra   de   las   Nieves   (declared   a   Biosphere   Reserve   by UNESCO)   and   35   kms.   away   the   Natural   Park   of   Los   Alcornocales.   Ronda,   the   City   is   6   Kms.   away   the   house,   making   it   the   third   most visited   city   in   Andalusia,   full   of   places   that   have   made   history   with   many   monuments   to   visit   such   as   the   Mondragón   Palace,   the   New bridge,   the   Arabians   Baths,   The   Bul   ring,   The   house   of   Gigante,   The Arabian Castle, the Palace of Santo Domingo, etc. From   the   house   you   can   visit   the   white   villages   of   Malaga   as Genal   area   (Atajate,   Benadalid,   Gaucin,   Benalauría,   Algatocín   ...) or   those   of   Cádiz   (Arcos   de   la   Frontera,   Bornos,   Zahara   de   la Sierra, Grazalema , Benamahoma, El Bosque, Ubrique ,...). The   rugged   wildness   of   the   mountains   surrounding   Ronda offers   one   of   the   most   impressive   visual   experiences   in Andalucia. All   this   can   be   seen   in   the   irregular   limestone   formations,   ancient olive   and   almond   groves,   herds   of   sheep   and   goats   graze   the hillsides,    eagles    and    vultures    flying    over    the    high    winds.    The landscape   seems   to   change   with   each   turn   of   the   road   and   is   easy to   see   why   the   last   "bandits"   'were   able   to   escape   capture   in   this difficult area. Although   not   particularly   high   (the   highest   mountain   is   1919 meters   above   the   sea   level),   the   mountain   scenery   is   breathtaking, along   with   rich   deep   valleys   flanked   by   spectacular   cliffs,   caves with   engravings   on   the   rocks   and   streams   full   of   colorful   flowers. The   abyss   known   as   the   "GESM"   is   the   third   deepest   in   the   world. For   anyone   interested   in   botany   and   bird   life   there   are   many   riches of this type known in the area.
Villa San Antonio