Villa San Antonio Inscribed house in the Registry of Tourism of Andalusia Expedient Nº : VTAR/MA/00072
Telfs: 952878523 // 630590165   E-Mail:
-   Two   nights   are   the   minimum   stays,   except   festive   like   Easter   and   Christmas   (3-4   nights)   and   July-August   (7   nights).   They   could   be   used   after 16,00 h. of the day of arrival and have to be free before 12,00 h. of the day of exit, except agreement. -   You   have   to   rent   and   pay   directly   to   the   owner,   paying   a   deposit   of   50%   in   case   of   less   than   7   nights   and   30   %   in   case   of   1   week   or   more.   The rest   of   the   total   payment   will   have   to   become   effective   to   the   owner   at   your   arrival   with   a   guarantee   of   90   €   that   it   will   be   given   back   when   coming out   complete,   whenever   any   flaw   derived   from   a   use   of   the   utensils   or   elements   of   the   house   is   not   caused   badly.   The   reservations   will   be provisional   for   48   hours   and   they   are   not   considered   to   be   definitive   until   the   owner   of   the   house   has   not   received   the   deposit.   If   after   48   hours   the traveler does not confirm the sending of the deposit, the reservations  will be considered annulled. - The  paid amount will not be given back  for possible reasons or problems no related directly to the house. -   In   case   of   cancellation,   if   the   traveler      notify   it   less   than   1   week   (   7   natural   days   )      in   R.S.   Rest   of   Season      or   less   than   15   natural   days   before   (   in H.S.   High   Season   (   between   Julie   15   to   September   15,   bridges,   Holy   Week   and   Christmas)   he'll   lose   the   right   to   devolution.   In   the   other   cases,   the owner only will give back 75 % of the total paid. -The traveler is totally responsible of the correct declaration of nº of people which will stay in  the house (not omitting children).  - We not admit more people than the house is prepared. The owner has the right of not-admission or evacuation. -  An amount of € 15 will be paid per person and night for an extra bed. - The   price   per   week   and   month   corresponds   to   the   capacity   of   people   that   indicates   the   house   without   spare   beds.   In   case   of   needing   some   spare beds will be due to pay to a supplement of 60 € per week/and of 180 € per month/spare bed/people. - The collection of keys will always take place before the 22 hours except in case of another agreement. - Pets are not allowed. - Visits that stay during the night are not admitted. - If firewood is used the travelers have to pay 15 € per night. - The pool will be available from June 15 to September 15. Ask to the owner. - The irregularities or deficiencies will have communicated as rapidly as possible to the owner only during the stay. - During the rental, the owner will enter periodically in the enclosure for irrigation and  maintenance. - To make a booking implies the acceptance of all conditions.            Bookings Telf.: + 34  952872679 o por E-Mail en
Villa San Antonio