Villa San Antonio
Villa   San   Antonio   is   a   centenary   house    of   two   floors   totally   reformed in   June,   2007   remaining   the   original   walls,   as   well   as   the   most   rustic   and beautiful   elements   of   this   wonderful   house,   where   every   corner   offers   the warmth    and    delight    that    the    most    demanding    traveler    searches.    In    the ground   floor   one   finds   the   most   ample   living   room   presided   by   a   practical fireplace   where   there   can   be   contemplated   the   original   columns   of   Arabic brick.    Separated    from    the    living    room    for    a    wall    of    ancient    perfectly preserved   brick,   you   can   find   a   beautiful   and   practical   traditional   kitchen   and a   bath   with   shower.   The   high   floor,   to   which   one   accedes   across   an   original stairs   with   rail   of   typical   forge   made   in   Ronda,   there   are   4   bedrooms    with heating   (2   width   double   beds   and   2   with   2   single   beds   each   one,   3   of   them built-in   wardrobes)   and   2   baths   (one   of   them   built   with   Arabic   brick   and shower   and   the   second   one   of   modern   style   and   tub).   The   roofs   of   wood   are preserved    in    all    the    rooms,    where    to    look    up    supposes    transporting    us behind   in   the   time.   The   windows   are   of   great   quality   with   special   isolation. Outskirts   you   see   a   clear Andalusian   style   in   which   they   combine   the   original stone,   which   can   contemplate   in   the   corners,   with   the   perfect   completion   of the   brick   of   the   front   and   up   of   the   windows,   all   this   crowned   by   the   Arabic roof   to   four   waters.   It   is   equipped   with   free   Wi-Fi    throughout   the   property, including   pool   and   outdoor.   The   house   is   situated   in   a   totally   independent closed    from    20.000    m2,    extensive    vegetation,    numerous    fruit    bearing    trees, apple   trees,   plum   trees,   almond   trees,   quinces,   pomegranates,   fig   trees,   black   poplars,   walnut   trees,   etc.,   barbecue,   private   swimming   pool   of   10   x   5 m2. with automated filter system, furniture of garden with tables, chair, as well as infantile zone with swings and parking  for several vehicles. Capacity :   House: 8 persons (+ 4 spare beds).
Villa San Antonio Inscribed house in the Registry of Tourism of Andalusia Expedient Nº : VTAR/MA/00072
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