A      wonderful      opportunity      for      rural tourism        in        Ronda        enjoying        natural surroundings     located     in     the     westernmost province     of     Malaga,     Serrania     de     Ronda, surrounded   by   mountains   of   great   continuity and   medium   altitude,   that   gives   it   a   magical atmosphere.         Its         climatics         features, hydrologics,    the    vegetation    and    soil,    have determined over its rich and diverse history. Villa   San   Antonio   is   located   in   the   rural zone   of   Hoyo   Tabares,   6   km   away   Ronda   by Ronda-Benaoján    road,    next    to    the    Natural Parks   of   Grazalema,   Sierra   de   las   Nieves   and Los       Alcornocales,       providing       unlimited opportunities    for    lovers    of    outdoor    activities (hiking,       canyoning,       rafting,       ballooning, paragliding,   cycling,   caving,   etc..),   5   minutes from   the   Cueva   del   Gato,   15   from   the   Cueva del Gato and 20 from Roman city of Acinipo.
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Villa San Antonio Inscribed house in the Registry of Tourism of Andalusia Expedient Nº : VTAR/MA/00072
Telfs: 952878523 // 630590165   E-Mail: villasanantonio@hotmail.com
Villa San Antonio