Villa San Antonio Inscribed house in the Registry of Tourism of Andalusia Expedient Nº : VTAR/MA/00072
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Villa San Antonio
Videoclip en Villa San Antonio Recording   a   video   clip   for   the   British   singer   DELTA   by   ANNEX   FILMS CO.   UK.   in   the   kitchen   of   the   house,   where   you   can   see   an   actress   making cakes and the singer in the middle of the last photo.
January 2011
In   our   house   we   have   hosted   from   show   business   personalities   such   as   actors   (eg   the   famous   film   of   Carmen,   which   do   not   have   pictures),   British singers   like   Delta,   engineers,   publicists,   journalists,   doctors,   ...   until   completely   anonymous   people   that   search   only   an   unique   environment   where   you can enjoy nature and tranquility, and at the same time, establish their "home base" for visits throughout the Serranía.
Filming German serie Östwind 3 Week of shooting in the Cueva del Gato German series Ostwind, 3rd season, staying the director of the series, Katja von Garnieren, accompanied by a designer and production manager in Villa San Antonio, and seeking tranquility and comfort of our house. It can be seen in one of the photos the main character of this teen drama.
October 2016